Flipbook Handheld Animations

We saw this great flip book blog post on a Blog About Flipbooks.

“You can make your own flipbook using any printer and a series of digital images. There is no reason why you couldn’t print the series of images in the upper or lower right corners of a multipage report, so people could flip the pages to see the animation. It might be one way to get people’s attention. In most cases however, you’d want to do a stand-alone flipbook. Here’s how to begin:”

Visit this flip books blog to read the entire how to on Flipbook Handheld Animations.


How flip books work

Flip books seem so easy to give the illusion of movement with still images. So, how do flip books really work?

A cartoon, a drawing, a photograph animation is made up of a series of still images, pictures, or hand drawings. In fact, every movie, TV show, and video you watch works the exact same way.

When you view a series of still images one after another, your mind fills in the gaps and you are tricked into thinking that the images, cartoon characters, or photographs are actually moving.

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